ABOUT US District Jail Zunheboto

Established in the year 1968 at old town, Zunheboto, The jail was relocated to the present location (26.02’8573, 94.538156) at North Point Zunheboto as Sub-jail, in the year 1988. In the year 2015 the Jail was upgraded to the present status as District Jail Zunheboto. The district jail Zunheboto serves as a correctional and rehabilitation centre headed by the superintendent of jail, with authority from the prison headquarters, Kohima under the domain of the state government and is governed by the prisons act of 1984.


The prisoners/inmates lodged in the district jail are encouraged to learn different kind of trade in life skill so as to earn a clean livelihood after they are released from the jail, with a mission is to promote public safety. Games and sports activities are held occasionally involving various organization, groups as well as the custodial staff along with the prisoners to establish trust and good relationship with the inmates and thus reducing risk of future criminal behavior.




The main vision of the district jail is to reform and rehabilitate the prisoners and make them responsible citizens of the society after they are released from the jail. In addition, various reformation steps are practiced in the jail through guidance, church organizations, and physical exercise. The overall objectives are to scale up prison governance by ensuring a transparent, problem solving and friendly and trustworthy prison management system.



The District Jail Zunheboto currently holds a capacity of 50 (fifty) prisoners that can be lodged at the 2 (two) functional wards with capacity to hold 25(twenty five) inmates each.


Monthly Population as of March 2021

Name of the Jail UTP’s Convicts NSA Others Total
  M F M F M F M F M F
District Jail, Zunheboto 09 X 04 X X X X X 13 X