District Jail Peren

About Us

Situated about 1.5 kms. away from the main town, District Jail Peren was inaugurated on 26th January 2006 by Shri. Dr. T.M. Lotha, then Minister for Health & Family Welfare and Excise. It has a total area of 20 Acres of which about 8(eight) Acres have been developed and occupied by the department while the rest of the unoccupied land remains under thick foliage. The Jail edifices comprises of the Main Office building, Male Block, Female Block, Storage Block, Church and Kitchen. The barrack meant for the Armed security guards lies adjacent to the Jail. The Jail is at present headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Jail assisted by different levels of subordinate officers and staff.


Vision and Motto

Trained to look for the Sparkle, not just the flaw



Male 40
Female 10
Total 50



Monthly Population as of March 2021


Name of the Jail UTP’s Convicts NSA Others Total
  M F M F M F M F M F
District Jail, Peren 01 X X X X X X X 01 X