Power & Duties of Officers & Employees


Sl. No. Designation Cadre Strength Responsibilities
1 Addl. Chief Secretary Home 1 In routine office work the final decision is taken by Addl. Chief Secy.  Home.
2 Secretary (Home) 1 The entire file is routed through Secretary and if any changes are to be made Secretary will send back the file with suggestions so that when the file reaches Home Commissioner the clear picture of the subject matter is projected.
3 Deputy    Secretary (Home) 1 All the files and daks go through the Deputy Secretary of the branch and after going through the files, Under Secretary will give the clear picture of the subject matter and will put up to higher authority for final decision. Under Secretary also recommended the Casual Leave and any other kind of leaves of the staffs. Files which are approved by Home Commissioner disposed off by the Under Secretary.
4 Director General of Prisons 1 The Director General of Prisons is the head of the department. He is responsible for overall administration and activities. Major policies of the Department are forwarded to the government.


Inspector General of Prisons 1 (Vacant) Overall administration of the department assisting the DGP and maintenance of discipline and security.
6 Deputy Inspector General of Prisons  



Overall administration of the department assisting the DGP and maintenance of discipline and security. He supervises all the activities for the smooth functioning of the department.
7 Assistant Inspector General of Prisons 1


Supervision of over all administration and programme.
8 Sr. Superintendent of Jail 1 Overall controlling and administration Officer of Jail and D.D.O of the establishment under Central Jail Dimapur.
9 Superintendent of Jail(HQ)  



Superintendent of Jail (HQ) supervise and co-ordinate between the department and various jails. He looks after the establishment and screening and analyzing the files before putting up to higher authority.
10 Superintendent of Jails  



Superintendent of Jails is overall in-charge of his respective Jail. He is responsible for safe custody of inmates and shall manage the Prison in all matters relating to discipline, expenditure, punishment and control of the employees and the prisoners. All officers must observe proper chain of command.
11 Deputy Superintendent of  Jail  


The Dy. Superintendent assists the Superintendent by seeing the Jail administration.
12 Jailor 8 Jailor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Jail. He is responsible for safe custody of the inmates and ensures that proper disciplines are maintained.
13 Asstt. Jailor  


Assistant Jailor shall perform any duty subject to the order of the Superintendent and the Jailor.


14 Chief Head Warder  




Chief Head Warder is responsible for enforcement of strict discipline and security of the jail in all respect. All locks and keys of the prisoner’s cells and kitchen are kept under his custody. He also looks after duty detailment of Head Warders, Warders, Female Warders, Sweepers and water carrier and maintains the records of such duties. Chief Head Warder is assisted by Head Warder.
15 Head Warder  



The Head Warder shall be in-charge of all the warders in duty in its particular shift. He shall be responsible for the smartness and cleanliness of the warder and their being at all times and also see that the warders are properly dressed and performing their duties efficiently.
16 Warder  



Warder is in charge of a ward or set of wards to see that the prisoners maintain cleanliness and also to examine the wards, cells of the prisoners and to report immediately to the Jailor of any sign of sickness or any prisoners complaining sickness.
17 Female Warder  




The female warder shall have the entire care of the female prisoners. She should be present at the opening of the female wards and during lock-up and also to see that no male prisoners enter the female wards unless accompanied by an authorized jail officers.



18 Deputy Director Prison Welfare  



He is responsible for the welfare activities of the prisoners. He is also responsible and to ensure that facilities such as health care, medicines, sports goods and vocational activities are provided to the inmates.

Regional Probation Officer





Regional Probation Officer has to control, guide and supervise the work of probation in the area within his jurisdiction. He is responsible to co-ordinate between the court and prisoners. His prime duties are to have close contact with the prisoners and depending on their behavioral attitude can recommend for release of prisoners on parole.
20 Research Officer  





Research Officer is responsible for the developmental activities of the department since the prison department do not have engineering wing of its own, he has to co-ordinate with the executive agency i.e. CAWD for preparation of schemes under Plan Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. He has to ensure that the scheme formulated by government is implemented.
21 Medical Officer

(Part-time appointment)

6 (fixed) A Medical Officer looks after the health of the prisoners and to take care of sanitary administration.
22 Pharmacist 4 To assist the Medical Officer.
23 Accounts Officer  




Deputation from Treasuries & Accounts He maintains all records relating to the budget allocation and expenses of the Department. A.O is responsible to monitor expenditure of the department and he is also the financial advisor of the department.
24 Accountant  

1 (UDA Cum Accountant)

Maintenance of A/Roll Bill, Register and Preparation of all Pay Bills and Disbursing of Salaries.





He maintains all records and files of the Office. He shall supervise and guide the duties of all the ministerial staff under him. He may also carry out other duties assigned by the DGP.

Office Superintendent





He shall assist the Registrar for the smooth functioning of the Office and may carry out other duties assigned by the Registrar.
27 Legal Officer 1 Assist and advice the department on subjects related to legal and court cases
28 Assistant Superintendent            2 To assist the office superintendent.
29  Head Assistant 3 Overall incharge of Clerical work.
30 U.D.A           10 Examine and process the allocated works.
31 LDA  


Examine and process the allocated works and receipt and dispatch.
32 Stenographer           1 Act as private assistant with DGP.
33 Typist 1 Typing of documents.
34 Peon           16 Carrying of files and running of daks.
35 Chowkidar            1 Timely opening and closing of office.
36 Sweeper 20 Cleaning of toilets, office rooms, corridors and other open areas of the office complex.
37 Driver 10 He drives the office vehicles.
38 Handyman 2 To help the driver.
39 Barber  


To cut hair of the staffs and prisoners.
40 Water carrier 30 To fetch water of the prisoners
41 Daftry            1 To look after duplicating machine works
42 Electrician 1 To look after electricity.
43 Music Instructor 1 Music instructor for the prisoners.
44 Carpentry Instructor 1 To impart carpentry training to the prisoners.
45 Tailoring Instructor 1 To impart tailoring training to the prisoners.
46 Chaplain 9 To have counseling and prayer fellowship within the jail.
47 Contingency/fixed pay 37 Serving as Gr.IV staff to assist the office