District Jail Mon


The Office of the Superintendent District Jail Mon was established on 10th May 1971 and it is bounded by the state of Arunachal Pradesh to its north, Assam to its west, Myanmar to its east, Longleng district to its south west and Tuensang district to its south. The town of Mon is its district headquarter. It catered to the needs of the then Sub-Division of Mon and now the whole district of Mon. The SDO (C) Mon Sadar acts as the ex-Officio Superintendent of the Jail, however the Deputy Superintendent is the overall controlling Officer of the Jail, which also includes the Jail at Naginimora, Mon.


The District Jail, Mon covers a total area of 18,480 sq/m and it has 3 (three) male ward, 1 (one) female ward, cells, conference hall, administrative office, barracks for armed police personnel, chapel hall, one volleyball and badminton court each, table tennis room, 13 (thirteen) staffs quarters and plantation of pineapples managed by the inmates.



District Jail Mon has the capacity to lodge 80 (eighty) Male Prisoners and 20 (twenty) Female prisoners  with 3(three) male Ward and 1 (one female Ward) & 5 (five) cells.

Sl.No. Male Female Total
1 80 20 100


Monthly Population as of August 2018

Name of the Jail UTP’s Convicts NSA Others Total
  M F M F M F M F M F
District Jail, Mon 32 X 13 X X X X X 45 X